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Established in 1998, Armenians in Music and Film Association also known as AMFA, is dedicated to improving the quality of life and cultural condition for Armenian music and its makers. An organization that has many musicians, producers and other recording professionals. We are also internationally known for the Armenian Music Awards and is responsible for numerous groundbreaking outreach, professional development, cultural enrichment, education and human services programs.

AMFA actively represents the Armenian music community on such issues as intellectual property rights, home taping, record piracy, archiving and preservation and censorship concerns. In pursuing its commitment to address these and other issues, AMFA undertakes a variety of national initiatives. A mainstay of that agenda is raising public awareness of and support for Armenian music education and Armenian talent worldwide. In that effort, AMFA works to promote music education in communities and school districts across the nation.

We believe the development of our future is in the hands of our youth.

The Armenian Music Awards nomination process

This simplified description illustrates the various stages of the Armenian Music Awards process. The process begins with members and record companies submitting entries, which are then screened for eligibility and category placement. The voting members, all involved in the creative and technical processes of recording, then participate in (1) the nominating process that determines the five finalists in each category; and (2) the final voting process which determines the Armenian Music Awards winners.


The AMFA members, plus record companies, enter recordings and music videos released during the eligibility years include Aug 96 to Aug 98 which they consider worth of recognition in the Armenian Music Awards process.


Reviewing sessions by more than 20 experts in various fields are held to ensure that entered recordings meet specific qualifications and have been placed in
appropriate fields such as traditional, contemporary,
jazz, pop, alternative, new age, dance, classical &
international, among others. The purpose of screenings
is not to make artistic or technical judgments about the
recordings, but rather to make sure that each entry is eligible and placed in its proper category.


First round ballots with lists of eligible recordings in all fields, except those voted on by special nominating committees, are sent to voting members who return their ballots to AMFA . To help ensure the quality of the voting, members are directed to vote only in their fields of expertise.

Final Voting

Lists of the finalists undergo a second voting process to decide on one from each category. Ballots again are tabulated in utmost secrecy by AMFA.


Results of members' voting are not known until the ARMENIAN MUSIC AWARDS presentation ceremony when names of the winners are delivered by AMFA in sealed envelopes.


Best Contemporary Alternative Album
Lialousin - Lilit Pipoyan
Charents - Berje Tourabian
Someone Close To Me - Hovik Bederian
Handful of Soil - Aram Anassian
Khosir Hayasdan - Varouj

Best Modern Instrumental Album
Summer Time - Saro Danielian
Difference - Micheal Ganian
Centaur - Samvel Yervinian
For Trumpet Lovers - Hovhannes Azizian
Self Tilted - Yeghishe

Best International Album
And My Heart... - Andy
2000 - Dark Eyes
Don Juan - Nanni White Cross
Hala Hala - Joseph Krikorian
Dance Hits - Michael Postian

Best New World Fusion Album
Corrida - Rudy K
Disconnected - Sevada
Utopia - Garo Sarafian
Impulse - Effusion
I Was There - Cygnus XI

Best Nouveau Pop Album
Katil - Sona Avagyan
Self Titled - Haik Manaryan
The Best of Ayo - AYO
Nor Hayastan - Stepan Lousikian
Dimakner - Suzi & Lili Harutunian

Best Male Vocalist
George Baghdoyan
Aram Anassian
Georgi Minassian
Vicken Tarpinian

Best Female Vocalist
Shoushana Petrossian
Ala Levonian
Nicole Sarafian

Best Jazz Fusion Album
Live Recital - Tigran Martikyan
Sel-titled - Time Report
No Problem - Artashes Kartalian
Expansion - Rudy K
Ampela - Nor Dar

Best Pop Retro Album
Romance - Haiko
Nune - Nune
Self Titled - Georgi Minassian
Blue Bird - Salbi Mailian
I Saw it Like This - Shushan Petrosyan

Best Classical Album
An Introduction to Tigran Mansurian - Igor Dronov
Mirzoyan, Harutunian, Aslamazian, Hairapetian - National Chamber Orchestra
of Armenia - Aram Gharabekian
Komitas, Aslamazian, Mirzoyan - Armenian Chamber Orchestra
Edouard Topchian
Babajanian, Tcheknavorian - Armen Babakhanian
Richard Yardumian - Utah Symphony Orchestra
Varujan Kojian

Best Popular Album
Soft Rabiz - Artash Asatryan
My Life - Paul Baghdadlian
Self Titled - Aram Assatrian
Sird im Hantardir - George Baghdoyan
Im Pokrik - Armen Samsonian

Best Traditional Instrumental Album
Magical Strings - Anoush
Spirit of the Winds - Ludvig Garibian Trio
Whispers from Ellis Island - Ara Topouzian & Joe Zeytoonian
Tournee, France 76 - National Dance Ensemble of Armenia

Best Childrens Album
Happy Notes - Arthur Krikorian
Hekiatner - Hrant Tokhadjian
Totik-Totik - Stepan Lousikian
Fairy Tales - Zohrab Yacoubian
Self Titled -Hermine

Best Dance Album
Anabadi Dirouhi - Michael Kotanjian
Volume Meg - Hokis
Aha Yev Yes - Ararat
III - Top Ten Rabiz
Gravity - Sako

Best Traditional Album
The Cycle of Life - Parik Nazarian
Self Titled - Hagop Boyadjian
My Beautiful Sister - Vayla Samvelian
Music of Komitas Vartabed - Yervan Chamber Choir
Djanem - Nicole Kasparian

Best Album Cover
And My Heart... - Andy
The Cycle of Life - Parik Nazarian
Soft Rabiz - Artash Asatryan
Ampela - Nor Dar
Charents - Berje Tourabian

Best Original Song
Hayastan - Ala Levonian
Hayastan - Lousine Davitian
Handfull of Soil - Aram Anassian
Heravor Aperin - Georgi Minassian
Nor Hayastan - Emma Petrossian & Aramo

Best Newcomer
Aram Anassian
Suzi & Lili Harutounian
Sona Avagyan

Favorite Singer Voted by the People
Aram Assatryan

Best Music Video (SOON)
Best TV personality (SOON)
Best Music Video Director (SOON)